In This Moment is a collection of statements inspired and transcribed over a period of several years.  These statements came to me as I consciously focused on a particular topic while quieting my mind and entering a meditative state.  I find clarity in those moments, and I am able to hear truth as it arises from the deep well of awareness that is Presence expressing as thought.  I feel peacefully enlivened as I sit in that awareness.  My desire is to be in that state of conscious connection at all times, not just when I am meditating.  While I have yet to experience that as my constant reality, I am happy to report that those lucid moments come more frequently and are of longer duration these days.  

I am almost certain that you, too, enjoy moments when your mind is clear and you are in the ‘zone’ of conscious connection.  In those moments when the truth of Presence imbues every thought, everything seems to flow easily and any upset is slight and short-lived.  There are also those times when the mind is filled with thoughts of doubt and confusion, when it can be difficult to remember that Presence even exists, not to mention having a conscious connection.  In those moments, it may seem that we are disconnected from our truth, and we may feel scared, lonely, or angry.  Life may seem to be something to endure, rather than a gift to celebrate.  At these moments we need a reminder of our truth.  I hope this book will serve as a reminder.

The title, In This Moment, reflects my beliefs that at any given moment each of us is at a unique and wondrous place in our unfolding and understanding and that in the moment each of us can choose to invite and accept a new state of conscious awareness.  We can begin by becoming conscious of the content of mind, clearing away the dross, accepting that Presence is the only Mind, and allowing truth to be our every thought.  This opens a portal through which we can become open to receive, accept, and embody the fullness of Presence Consciousness.  I truly wish I had the words to describe what I mean by Presence Consciousness.  I think it is so far beyond what a human brain can grasp that there are no words.  I can only allude to it as many others have as spaciousness beyond space; all thought in a field of no thought; all creation absent of and encompassing all form; no need, yet all desire – All, yet no thing at all.  I can only envision its manifestation as being, feeling, and shinning forth in the world as the peace, love, and joy that is our nature.  


Prayers From the Well of Awareness

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